Bruce Porter on Prophecies of the Book of Mormon

Bruce H. Porter earned his bachelor’s degree in Ancient Near Eastern Studies from B.Y.U. and went on to receive his master’s degree in Middle East Studies with an emphasis in Semitic languages, Hebrew Aramaic, Akkadian, Coptic, and Hieroglyphics, with a minor in ancient Near Eastern Religions. His Ph.D. was acquired in the History of Religions, with emphasis in Egyptian religion and textual studies, with a minor in Anthropology.

Brother Porter has done extensive research for the Religious Studies Center, on the Pearl of Great Priceand the Book of Abraham.  He has done research in the major museums and libraries of Europe, and the United States. He has also presented papers for the Society for Early Historic Archaeology, and theJournal of Egyptian Archeology. Brother Porter has also co-authored a paper with Stephen Ricks that was published in By Study and also by Faith, a two volume work honoring Hugh Nibley.  During his graduate work he assisted in the writing of a documentary on Egyptian archeology for the BBC and worked as a technical director on the film.

Born in Mesa Arizona, Brother Porter has lived in Utah, Israel, and California while working for CES (Church Education System).  He also served a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in England.  Now semi-retired he teaches adult religion classes for BYU Continuing Education, and continues his passion of scriptural research. He has served in many capacities within the church.  He is the father of 10 children and grandfather to 10.

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