Biographia Scoticana (Scots Worthies)

Associated Locations:

  • Scotland

Associated Dates:

  • 1870, Published

Author: John Howie
Length: 640 pgs.



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The history of Scotland from the sixteenth to eighteenth century is one of the most remarkable testimonies to the covenantal faithfulness of God. The sturdy Scotch character forged in the furnace of relentless persecution, and coupled with the inspiring Christian theology articulated by men like John Knox, birthed a nation of genuine “bravehearts.” Keep in mind that Americans owe more of their political freedom to Scotland — her theologians and Covenanters — than to any other people. It was Knox and Rutherford who laid the theological foundation for the War of American Independence. Tories described the war as a “Presbyterian Rebellion” because of the many Scotch-American clergymen calling for independence. It was John Witherspoon, the theological progeny of Knox and Rutherford, who personally taught many members of the Constitutional Convention. When John Howie set about to write The Scots Worthies, his chief aim was to communicate in such a way that readers would be encouraged to grasp the heroic, sacrificial, and glorious nature of a life consecrated unreservedly to Christ. Most of the mini-biographies in this epic work can be read in twenty minutes, making them perfect for family devotions. The Scots Worthies details the heroism of men who died for Jesus Christ. You will learn the true story of apostolic Knox, of majestic Bruce, and of wise Gillespie.

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