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A 24-year-old first-time teacher overcomes her initial fears and prejudices and makes a difference in the lives of the homeless children she teaches in a shelter’s makeshift classroom. (Description by IMDb)



Runtime: 95 min

Release: 2011

Cast: Emily VanCamp, Steve Talley, Timothy Busfield

Director: Jeff Bleckner

Writer: Camille Thomasson, Stacey Bess (book)

2 thoughts to “Beyond The Blackboard (2011)

  • Julie

    I have not watched a Hallmark movie in years as many are too cheesy for me. However, this was recommended to watch and we loved it! Nice clean show, with a very positive message of sacrifice, and love. This movie shows what one person can do for good and the ripple effects of that good. I have thought a lot about this movie since watching it, and what I can do better in my own stewardship to create a better place for those around me. This is a 2 thumbs up movie for sure!

  • Sorena Marble

    This was an inspiring movie based on the true story. Stacy Bess was finally a teacher, she had a class, she had children to teach, she had it all…or so she thought. Her first day turns out to be a huge stress and a real struggle for her. Not wanting to be seen as a quitter, by her own biological children, she decides to show up to the school to teach the next day. Stacy has a lot of obstacles to overcome and she faces them head on day after day. Things eventually start turn around for this teacher and this class. The children in her class begin to trust her and start to depend on her as well. She is inspired by their generosity and continues to fight for them. Eventually the classroom looks and feels like a real classroom and gets noticed by the state. This movie made me think about the opportunities I might be missing out on. I want to find ways that I could be more helpful in my community and make a difference in someone else’s life.


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