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What do enormous layers of coal reveal about Noah’s Flood?

What do Fossils of Hollow Trees tell us about the Pre-Flood World? 

What was the World Like After the Global Flood? 

2 thoughts to “Beyond Is Genisis History? Volume 1: Rocks & Fossils – Dr. Kurt Wise

  • Clay Reed

    I’ve been enjoying your series a lot! I was on vacation at Needles in Arizona and I think I’ve found more proof of your flood theory and how young the earth really is. I would like to send some photos and see what you think. I’ve asked the geology professor at Humbolt Stat what she thought, crickets! Feel free to contact me anytime. Keep up the great work!

  • Julie Hatch

    It’s always exciting to discover evidence of the Word of God. This is such a fascinating series. We enjoyed learning about rocks and fossils and the result of the great flood.


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