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The following account is taken from the history of the travels of the Kirtland Camp: “The camp passed through Huntsville, in Randolph County, which has been appointed as one of the stakes of Zion, and is the ancient site of the City of Manti, and pitched tents at Dark Creek, Salt Licks, seventeen miles. It was reported to the camp that one hundred and ten men had volunteered from Randolph and gone to Far West to settle difficulties.” 1

The following account of the same event is taken from the daily journal of the Kirtland Camp, and was written by Samuel D. Tyler: “September 25, 1838. We passed through Huntsville, Co, seat of Randolph Co, Pop. 450, and three miles further we bought 32 bu. of corn off one of the brethren who resides in this place. There are several of the brethren round about here and this is the ancient site of the City of Manti, which is spoken of in the Book of Mormon and this is appointed one of the Stakes of Zion, and it is in Randolph County, Missouri, three miles west of the county seat. 2 3

  1. Millennial Star, vol. 16, p. 296.
  2. Journal of Samuel D. Tyler, Sept. 25, 1838, filed in Church Historian’s Office.
  3. Joseph Fielding Smith, Doctrines of Salvation, 3 vols., edited by Bruce R. McConkie [Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1954-1956], 3: 239

One thought to “Ancient City of Manti”

  • Brigham Brown

    What, like Joseph Smith saw an old Mailbox with Nephi, Route 2 Box 17 on it?

    Does make sense since Moroni told him this continent was where the Book of Mormon took place. Makes easier to believe Moroni or whichever old Prophet did so – made it to the hill site now in Manti, Utah where that prophet dedicated the site for the future Manti Temple. Brigham Young said that one.


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