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ALONE YET NOT ALONE is based on the inspirational, true story of Barbara and Regina Leininger, two immigrant sisters forced to embark on a journey of faith that will lead them through the darkness of war into the light of freedom.

Runtime: 103 min

Release: 2013

Cast: Kelly Greyson, Natalie Racoosin, Clay Walker

Director: Ray Bengston, George D. Escobar

Writer: Tracey Leninger Craven, George D. Escobar

6 thoughts to “Alone Yet Not Alone

  • Julie

    We watched this movie as a family and fell in love with the storyline. It was a fascinating perspective to see immigrants captured by Indians. Had not thought of that before in our history. We also enjoyed the influence of the father and how his teachings were remembered through the children’s trials. We loved how they remained true to their beliefs and never gave in to the Indian culture.

  • Angela Murdock

    I LOVED this movie. It’s one of my favorites. We don’t usually hear this side of the story. I was touched by the faith of her parents and the love shown by her father. Also the woman who died saving a child and the main characters bravery on several occasions was inspiring.

  • Becki

    The faith that these parents instilled in their children are what got them through a very hard time in their lives. What great examples they are to us to instill faith and love in our children.

  • Natalie Smith

    An excellent movie! This movie is based on a true story, where Barbara and Marie with two other captives still remain faithful to God through the terrible trials they had faced, while they had to go through during their escape (would be put to death by burning at the stake if caught) hundreds of miles of hostile territory seeking freedom, and never forgetting the teachings of their parents.

  • Sorena

    While her mom and brother are away, little Barbara and Regina run into a cave as Indians kill her dad and brother, the girls are found and captured by the Indians. The Indians actually separate the two girls as well. Barbara tries to find her sister. She is almost killed for trying to escape, but the Indians decide to give her anther chance because of her bravery. She is very strong and continues to rely on the Lord even during times of fierce trials. She learns a new culture, and is trying to balance her new and old life.
    When the time is right Barbara shows her bravery once again. Her character of bravery is one for the charts. I am not sure I would have been as brave as her in that situation. She is also determined, she had to stick to a plan and make very wise decisions to succeed. I really enjoyed this movie, it was a little intense for me sometimes, but not overly so. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to learn about bravery.

  • Cochran Family

    This is easily a favorite. I think the point that hit me the hardest was just how much Barbara’s father’s teachings stayed with her amidst her many hardships. I can only hope for this with my children. Definitely a must watch!


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