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They’ve vowed to love each other forever—”in sickness and in health.” But when John’s wife, Ellen, receives a devastating medical diagnosis, can their family weather the storm? Called “a must-see for all couples,” this triumphant love story is a life-changing testimony to the power of God.



Runtime: 84 min

Release: 1999

Cast: Barbara Babcock, Ken Howard, Ossie Davis

Director: John Schmidt

Writers: Deborah Raney, Grenville Case

5 thoughts to “A Vow to Cherish

  • Angela Murdock

    A sad movie. I was dissapointed when he started spending time with another woman and glad when he made the right choice in the end.

  • Becki

    The hardships that some have to endure are heartbreaking. But to see stories like this that teach us that when we turn to the Lord, He is always there to help us.

  • Cochran Family

    This is a wonderful movie about the importance and sacredness of marriage. Not only of marriage but also the importance of families in caring for the most vulnerable. It is the story of a family struggling with changes in their family, that leads to the need of a reminder from God of the importance of love and the vows and promises made at marriage.

  • Alexis

    A Vow To Cherish
    This is a very sweet movie. I really appreciated that it showed that the whole situation changed when the dad’s heart and attitude changed. I liked that it showed a father sacrificing for his family and also a husband sacrificing for his wife. I thought it was sweet that the son noticed his dad’s example in marriage, but it didn’t feel authentic as the dad was having an emotional affair. I get that they needed a plot but I would have preferred that they didn’t include the emotional affair. I think the movie would have been more impactful if it was less “relatable”. It did show that he turned his life over to God and that he had a change of heart. But it was a little too muddy for me.

  • Sorena Marble

    When the Brighton family faces a medical illness. Ellen gets dementia and the family has to learn to adjust to the new situation. Each take their own journey. John, Ellen’s husband, starts down a wrong path at first, he stays away from the house. His good friend Alexander helps set him straight. I really enjoyed the teaches used from the Bible. I love that the Bible was used to help the family see their responsibilities towards one another and especially their wife and mother. John’s love was demonstrated in the way he cared for his wife. His commitment to help her is not seen very often in real life. I think it was a good example of an eternal marriage. Knowing what the Bible says is the first step in being about to do what the Bible says, and the things that God expects of us.


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