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Presentations from Book of Mormon Evidence Virtual Expo

Presentations from Book of Mormon Evidence Virtual Expo: Ezra Taft Benson & Leonard J. Arrington: Battling Over the New History Is the ‘Miracle of the Gulls’ Story Reliable History? Faith Crisis 2: Behind Closed Doors Latter-day Nephites in Scripture: The Scriptures Say You Are Likely a Nephite! Reliable Primary Sources & the Seer ‘Stone in […]

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Milltown Pride (2011)

There comes a time when every young man must sever the ties of home to seek his way in the world. For 17-year-old Will Wright, the point of departure comes with the crack of a bat as he makes the cut at Newton Mill. But it’s not going to be an easy road. During the […]

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Four presentations at the FIRM Foundation Virtual Expo!

The Joseph Smith Foundation gave four presentations for the FIRM Foundation Virtual Expo this April, including the release of a new book and two announced books available for pre-order!  Faith Crisis: We Were Not Betrayed! Mark Hofmann & Church History Faith Crisis: New Mormon History Exiled From Church Headquarters Seer Stone: Icon and Battleground of New Mormon History, […]

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Pilgrims Progress (2019)

The epic tale of a pilgrim and his burden, based on John Bunyan’s Masterpiece. Christian begins a journey from the City of Destruction to the Celestial City as the ultimate enemy tries everything in his power to distract him from his destination. One of the most popular books of all time is brought to life […]

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Seven presentations during Book of Mormon Evidence Conference!

James and Hannah Stoddard of the Joseph Smith Foundation delivered four presentations at the 23rd International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference on April 11-13th. The rooms were filled to overflowing, requiring them to offer three repeat presentations to packed rooms again during the lunch and dinner breaks. The Joseph Smith Foundation released a new book, […]

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The Prophet Joseph: More Than We Know (DVD)
The Prophet Joseph More Than W Know

Ground-breaking research on latter-day prophecy! Is the Prophet Joseph the Angel in Revelation 14, the designator of Zion inheritances, the Messenger in Malachi, the Servant in Isaiah, the passport to Celestial glory, the Voice crying in the wilderness? Discover the Prophet Joseph Smith in a way you have never imagined! For the first time, the […]

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Unlocking the Mystery of the Two Prophets: Revelation 11 Part 1 (DVD)

Documents Referenced in Documentary Proclamation to the Saints Scattered Abroad (Published 15 January 1841) Doctrine and Covenants Section 124 (Revelation received January 19, 1841 calling Hyrum Smith as “a prophet, and a seer, and a revelator unto my church”. Statements Referenced in Documentary Joseph Smith “Would to God, brethren, I could tell you who I am! Would to […]

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The Process of Translating the Book of Mormon

Joseph Fielding McConkie (Professor of Ancient Scripture, BYU) Craig J. Ostler (Assistant Professor of Church History and Doctrine, BYU) Published in the book, Revelations of the Restoration: A Commentary on the Doctrine and Covenants and Other Modern Revelations (Salt Lake City, UT: Deseret Book, 2000), pp. 89-98 Republished from – Republished from The Translation Process […]

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Presentation Slides

Answering the “Letter to a CES Director” Introduction Polygamy/Polyandry Adam-God Translation of the Book of Mormon Finding Answers Educating Zion series Focus OUT, Not In – “Feed My Sheep” (Webinar 3-20-2016) Mission Centered – “Here am I, Send Me” (Webinar 3-20-2016) Other Presentations Music: The Forgotten Language of the Heart (April 10, 2016) “Hanukkiah” Earthworks Fortell Last […]

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Verbal Statement of Bishop Dennison L. Harris to President Joseph F. Smith

Verbal Statement of Dennison Lott Harris with Annotations Sunday, May 15:15 May 1881 VERBAL STATEMENT OF BP. DENNISON L. HARRIS Of Monroe, Sevier Co., Utah, made by him to President Jos. F. Smith in the presence of Elder Franklin Spencer, at the house of Bp. Dorius of Ephraim, Sanpete Co., Utah, on Sun- day Afternoon, May 15th, 1881. Reported […]

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9 presentations at the 21st International FIRM Foundation Expo

The Joseph Smith Foundation delivered nine presentations to packed audiences at the 21st International FIRM Foundation Expo (April 5th-7th, 2018) in Layton, Utah. Topics included: Nephites in Europe New Zealand & Japan The Last Days & Isaiah in Joseph Smith’s Patriarchal Blessings Isaiah’s Latter-day Servant The martyrdom of the Two Witnesses in Revelation 11 Joseph […]

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