5 Free Videos for Your Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving stands out as one of the most sacred and significant celebrations of the year. The righteous colonization of America was one of the significant latter-day Signs of the Times—announcing the advent of the Restoration and Second Coming of Jesus Christ. 

Share the following video clips and resources with your family this season—as you remember God’s Providence among our forebears and reflect on His superintending care in your own lives.

The Pilgrims & Puritans Were of the House of Israel, Preserved in Northern Europe

These clips were taken from the documentaries Hidden Bloodlines & For Our Day: Covenant on the Land. Receive these DVDs for a discounted price this Thanksgiving.

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Thanksgiving Miracle Story! Drought Ends After 8 Hours of Prayer

Pilgrims Are Miraculously Saved From Violent Storm at Sea 

Our Early History is Being Rewritten to Denigrate our Noble Forefathers & Remove God from History

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