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One thought to “27) VILLAGE: What about statements declaring “it takes a village” to properly educate?”

  • BigMG

    The concept of a Village is an equivocation that advocates a Socialistic Utopia without using any of the language that would warn people of such propaganda.
    This is a Socialist deception that uses friendly words to mask a sinister agenda.
    The Village concept in use today means “The State”. It erases patriarchal responsibility and opts for non-gender consensus.
    In other words, the State dictates their policy and through propaganda, aka. public relations, create a sense of conformity called consensus. Consensus is achieved by aggressive marketing and rewarding those who conform. Dissension is stamped out by making public any “deniers” through public humiliation, arrest, and brutality.
    So, is there a public statement about “it takes a Village” in use today.
    The term comes too late for any of the brethren to safely make a statement about it without confusing the traditional community Village vs the State Village.
    To insert Socialist, Egalitarian, Fascist, Marxist, or Communist in it’s place when searching would be best.


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