14) MASCULINE-FEMININE: Why is it important that men be masculine and women be feminine? What are the differences in the roles of men and women?

Prophetic Statements

First Presidency

Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose. 1

David O. McKay


It is inaccurate to speak of a woman’s world and a man’s world, because the two are inseparably one.  In general, they have the same interests, the same hopes and aspirations; the success or the failure of one is the success or the failure of the other.  They share each other’s joys, bear each other’s burdens, and work together to achieve success.  In the broad sense of the word therefore, there is no such thing as woman’s realm and man’s realm.  There is only one realm in which each contributes his or her effort toward the attainment of a desired destiny.

However, when the divine Creator ‘made them male and female’ He established as distinct a difference between man and woman in temperment, in natural tendencies, and in the field of activity as He did in sex.  The most sublime beauty and the greatest harmony in life are attained when the man devotes his life to that for which nature has endowedhim, and the womanputs forth her best efforts along the lines for which she is best fitted.

Unfortunately, modern fashion and the trend of the times are leading her away from realms in which her influence is most potent.

In the struggle for existence, and in aspirations for success and fame, the boundary lines today between woman’s realm of activity and man’s are much less discernable than they have been in the history of the world.  The rapid changes that have taken place during the last half century in our economic life have pushed women into nearly every industry.  There is something askew with a social system which compels so large a percentage of women to wage earning at the expense of home keeping.  2


Isaiah 3:12

As for my [latter-day saints] people, [what does he say about the members?] children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths. [he says you need to follow the prophets and scriptures]

Supporting Statements

Bruce R. McConkie

“A married woman’s place is in the home, where she sustains and supports her husband; a woman’s place is in the Church, where she expounds scripture, writes wise documents, and learns much; a woman’s place is out rendering compassionate service to her fellow beings, in and out of the Church; a woman’s place is in preaching the gospel and doing missionary work; her calling is to do good and work righteousness in every place and under all circumstances.”  3

  1. The Proclamation on the Family, First Presidency 1995
  2. David O. McKay, Secrets of a Happy Life, p. 7-8
  3. Bruce R. McConkie, Our Sisters from the Beginning, Ensign, Jan 1979
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