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  • Helen

    wow, i just had a great conversation with my children which all started with the mention of “sex toys”. I was hoping my kids wouldn’t notice because they were playing with each other and it didn’t seem like they were listening, but with those 2 words put together, they all perked up. Because I have openly talked to them about anything they ask about, this wasn’t hard for me to talk about with them (age appropriate, of course). We probably talked for 30 minutes about a variety of things that I have probably needed to talk with them about any way, but was procrastinating it. As far as this goes, it is really good and more people need to see it. It is such a touchy subject even among family, friends, and church members because most people have a family member or friend who is dealing with homosexual feelings. I really liked hearing from the blond woman who was a lesbian, but said she was helped by Jesus.

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