Sakharov (1984)

Associated Locations:

  • Moscow, Russia

Associated Dates:

  • January 22, 1980 – Andrei Sakharov is detained and exiled for protest work

This biographical film on Russian physicist & dissident Andrei Sakharov focuses on his first acts in his civil rights movement to his receiving the Nobel Peace prize. Sakharov’s actions first caused him to lose a senior party position, then half his salary, in addition to interrogation and pressure from the KGB, and finally completely being dismissed from his job and exiled to Gorky, an industrial city.

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  • London

    Sakharov was a good movie. I liked it. I liked that they didn’t question why they were fighting but continued to stand for what they believed in even though it was hard. I really liked how even though his family was persecuted, he never gave in. I had never heard of Andrei Sakharov and liked hearing his story. It’s important to know about communism so we can fight against the false philosophies. If you are looking for a movie that shows the true story of a loyal countryman who still fights against communism, then I recommend this movie.

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