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2 thoughts to “Effects of Noah’s Flood on Carbon Dating

  • Jenn

    I love this article and I think it has some awesome points to consider. But I’m curious about the theory’s relating to the dinosaurs. How do they fit into this altered model of carbon dating?

  • Lee Pearson

    Dinosaur bones essentially have no carbon-14 in them, so they can’t be dated by radio-carbon methods. The science community believes this is because of the extreme age of these bones. But, according to the doctrine outlined in this paper, dinosaurs must have lived after the Fall of Adam, but probably died before or in Noah’s Flood. According to the theory and evidence discussed in this paper, there likely was no carbon-14 in the atmosphere before the Flood, and that would explain why there is no carbon-14 in dinosaur bones and why they can’t be dated thereby.


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