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“If you lose it all, will you stand or fall?” Matt Webster measures his success by his possessions. Though he appears to have it all, pride of ownership does little to fill the void of a purposeless life. Broken relationships, isolation and pain for himself and his family, are the result of his pride and selfishness. Through a series of financial and family crises, Matt and his family are stripped of all they own and are humbled enough to learn what success is really all about.

Runtime: 91 min

Release: 2011

Cast: Bryce Bishop, Nathan Dobbin, Ricky Egan

Director: Amy Kenney

Writer: Amy Kenney

3 thoughts to “Stand Strong (2011)

  • Becki

    This movie hit home for me. To put the Lord first and live your life according to His will is a hard thing to do but the ONLY way.

  • Sorena Marble

    Matt Webster and his family have a lot of possessions they have a huge house, they have motorcycles and a boat. They also have a lot of debt. When things come crashing down, it is their love and faith that pulls them through. It took a lot of humility for the family to take this trial and face it head on. They took the necessary steps to get their life back on track and in the process put their lives in the proper order. They came together and got through it with each other’s help instead of turning on each other.
    Matt had the support of his brother as well. He was able to get help from him that he really needed. His wife found the help that she needed from her sister-in-law as well. They turned away from the world and turned to God.

  • Alexis

    This movie shows that when you pattern your life after God’s way, things will work out and you will be happy. When you do things out of order or beyond your means things will fall apart. I also liked the example of sacrifice and patience from their extended family in helping them through a hard time.


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