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Thomas Jefferson

“Jefferson was truly a remarkable man.  He had some faults, probably much fewer than many other great leaders, but he

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John Adams

Associated Locations: Braintree, Massachusetts – Birthplace Associated Dates: October 30, 1735 – Born Life Sketch Ancestry “He was born at Braintree

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John Hancock

John Hancock is one of the eminent spirits who appeared to President Wilford Woodruff in the St. George Temple (Latter-day Saint, LDS) on August

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John Morton

Associated Locations: Ridley Township, Pennsylvania Associated Dates: 1725 – Born John Morton is one of the eminent spirits who appeared to President

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Benjamin Rush

Associated Locations: Byberry, Philadelphia County Associated Dates: January 4, 1746 – Born Benjamin Rush is one of the eminent spirits who

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Thomas M’Kean

Associated Locations: New London Township, Pennsylvania Associated Dates: March 19, 1734 – Born Thomas M’Kean is one of the eminent spirits who

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