Shin (Discover the Depths of the Hebrew Alphabet: Part 14)

Jim Staley continues to “Discover the Depths of the Hebrew Alphabet”. In this message he focuses on the 21st letter “Shin”. This was filmed at Passion For Truth Ministries on May 5th, 2012.

Description by Passion for Truth Ministries

It would be an understatement to say that the depth of God’s Word is incredible. In fact, it is life changing. Every letter of every Hebrew word is not only a picture in the ancient language, but is designed by the Creator to teach us how to live and how to truly connect with The Father.

This fifteen-hour teaching series will open your eyes like never before to the depth of God’s language. You will learn each letter of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet in its modern and ancient Paleo picture and meaning. You will also discover the significance of the number to which each letter correlates and how it can radically affect your understanding of the scriptures. If you want to go deeper into the scriptures, this series is definitely for you!

Example 1:

The Torah is spelled with a Tav (ת), a Vav (ו), a Resh (ר), and a Heh (ה). Tav (ת) means “covenant,” Vav (ו) represents a nail, Resh (ר) means “the head or beginning of,” and Heh (ה) means “revealed or revelation.” So in its original pictograph form, the word “Torah” (הרות) means “The covenant of the nail is the beginning of revelation”! Said backwards it is “Revealed is the head of the nail covenant”.

Example 2:

The first two letters of the Hebrew aleph-bet are Aleph (א) and Bet (ב). Aleph means “strength, power, leader” and Bet means “house”. Together, those two letters mean “the strength of the house”. Furthermore, together, Aleph and Bet also spell the Hebrew word “Av,” which means Father! Our Father is the “Strength of our House”!

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