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Find Raising the Bar in your area! Click on the map to find a group in your area. If you do not see a group near your home, request one by emailing us at

All Raising the Bar events and groups are not directed by the Joseph Smith Foundation and are operated entirely independent. Raising the Bar events may or may not reflect Joseph Smith Foundation ideals and standards.


  • Kissimmee (Ben & Posey Cowart,


  • Bingham County (Margaret Stoddard,
  • Idaho Falls (Emily Dayley,


  • Paradise/Las Vegas (Russ & Heidi Barlow,


  • Cedar City (Bob & Threesa Cummings,
  • Logan (Cameron & Kimberly Smith,
  • Manti (Brad & Julie Smith,
  • Utah County (Hannah Stoddard,
  • Monticello (Mark & Sharon Anderson,

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