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Raising the Bar
Guardians of an Altar

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03) ACCOUNTABILITY: Will individuals be accountable to God for their acts in relation to government? What is the priority of loyalty to country?

Prophetic Statements First Presidency Because some Americans have not kept faith with our Founding Fathers, the Constitution faces severe challenges. Those who do not prize individual freedom are trying to erode its great principles. We, as Latter-day Saints must be vigilant in doing our part to preserve the Constitution and safeguard the way of life […]

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03) FAMILY: What is the importance of the family in education?

Prophetic Statements First Presedency We call upon parents to devote their best efforts to the teaching and rearing of their children in gospel principles which will keep them close to the Church. The home is the basis of a righteous life, and no other instrumentality can take its place or fulfill its essential functions in […]

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12) CHECKS: Are checks on the power of civil authorities important? What authority should be granted to civil leaders? How can government be restrained from usurping the rights of the people?

Prophetic Statements First Presidency Support good and conscientious candidates . . . who are aware of the great dangers facing the free world. Brigham Young I love the government and the constitution of the United States, but I do not love the damned rascals who administer the government. John Taylor The very genius of our […]

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02) JOSEPH SR.: Was Joseph Smith Senior a failure as a father? Was he a poor provider, oft defeated and unmoored? Did he have a problem with alcohol and other vices?

Prophetic Statements Joseph Smith #1: Sunday 11th [October 1835] visited my Father who was very sick. In secret prayer in the morning the Lord said, “My servant thy father shall live.” I waited on him all this day with my heart raised to God in the name of Jesus Christ that He would restore him […]

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21) FLATTERY: How do wicked leaders gain power through promises and flattering words (propaganda)?

Prophetic Statements Brigham Young The adversary presents his principles and arguments in the most approved style, and in the most winning tone, attended with the most graceful attitudes; and he is very careful to ingratiate himself into the favor of the powerful and influential of mankind, uniting himself with popular parties, floating into offices of […]

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The Solemn League and Covenant

The Solemn League and Covenant. [Taken by the House of Commons, September 25, 1643. Rushworth, t. 478. See Great Civil War, i. 229-236.] A solemn league and covenant for Reformation and Defence of Religion, the honour and happiness of the King, and the peace and safety of the three kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland. We […]

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George Wishart

George Wishart Born c. 1513 Martyrdom 1 March 1546 St Andrews, Scotland Life Story by John Howie This gentleman was a brother of the laird of Pittarro in Mearns, and was educated at the university of Cambridge, where his diligence and progress in useful learning, soon made him be respected. From an ardent desire to […]

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Catholic Persecution in Italy

Life Sketch from Foxes Book of Martyrs Taken from the book Foxes Book of Martyrs. We shall now enter on an account of the persecutions in Italy, a country which has been, and still is, The center of popery. The seat of the pontiff. The source of the various errors which have spread themselves over other […]

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Thomas Jefferson

“Jefferson was truly a remarkable man.  He had some faults, probably much fewer than many other great leaders, but he had numerous virtues worthy of study and emulation.   He was unquestionably used as an instrument of God, and all reaces and generations of Americans–especially God-loving Americans have benefited from the blessings he helped secure […]

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Christian Persecution in Persia

Life Sketch from Foxes Book of Martyrs Taken from the book Foxes Book of Martyrs. The Gospel having spread itself into Persia, the pagan priests, who worshipped the sun, were greatly alarmed, and dreaded the loss of that influence they had hitherto maintained over the people’s minds and properties. Hence they thought it expedient to complain […]

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The Albigenses

Taken from the book Foxes Book of Martyrs. The Albigenses were a people of the reformed religion, who inhabited the country of Albi. They were condemned on the score of religion in the Council of Lateran, by order of Pope Alexander III. Nevertheless, they increased so prodigiously, that many cities were inhabited by persons only […]

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Spanish Inquisition

Providential Importance in History Taken from the book Foxes Book of Martyrs. When the reformed religion began to diffuse the Gospel light throughout Europe, Pope Innocent III entertained great fear for the Romish Church. He accordingly instituted a number of inquisitors, or persons who were to make inquiry after, apprehend, and punish, heretics, as the […]

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The Waldenses

Taken from the book Foxes Book of Martyrs. Thus far our history of persecution has been confined principally to the pagan world. We come now to a period when persecution, under the guise of Christianity, committed more enormities than ever disgraced the annals of paganism. Disregarding the maxims and the spirit of the Gospel, the […]

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