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New book! Faith Crisis 2: Behind Closed Doors
Faith Crisis, Volume 2: Behind Closed Doors—Leonard Arrington & the Progressive Rewriting of Mormon History

During the 20th century, an organized objective to rewrite Latter-day Saint history from within, unbeknownst to the general Church membership, went head to head behind the scenes with traditional leaders of the Church. Meet the main players of this conflict: Leonard Arrington—progressive “Father of New Mormon History,” Ezra Taft Benson—traditionalist defender, and many other advocates […]

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Rough Stone Rolling Debunked

Coming in 2021, the long-awaited debunking of one of the most influential factors leading members into a personal faith crisis—the book Rough Stone Rolling. Richard Bushman is now the chief Latter-day Saint evangelist in the development of a new progressive interpretation of Joseph Smith, particularly through his work, Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling. In Rough […]

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Promote Joseph Smith Foundation Products Leave Reviews Forward info to your friends and family Leave reviews for Seer Stone V. Urim & Thummim Amazon Barnes & Noble Goodreads Walmart Google Play Leave reviews for Faith Crisis: We Were NOT Betrayed! Amazon Barnes & Noble Goodreads Walmart Google Play Faith Crisis Volume 2: Behind Closed Doors […]

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New Book! Faith Crisis, Volume 1: We Were NOT Betrayed!

After working with thousands of struggling members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints over many years, the authors decided to write a book offering hope and answers for those struggling with faith crisis. Unbeknownst to the general Church membership, the 20th century would witness an organized effort to rewrite Latter-day Saint history […]

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Nephites in Europe

Purchase the DVD! Joseph Smith Foundation Store Share the “Nephites in Europe” Documentary Share on social media Facebook Twitter YouTube Pinterest Leave a review on Amazon Join the initiative! Because I am a Nephite, I will . . .  Never compromise my standards If you are interested in joining with others in reaching for higher standards, join […]

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Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus (2014)
Patterns of Evidence Joseph Smith Foundation

What is the validity of history found in the Bible? Is it fact or fiction? What does the hard evidence really have to say about the foundational story of the Old Testament: the Exodus out of Egypt? An in-depth investigation by documentary filmmaker Tim Mahoney searches for answers to these questions amid startling new finds […]

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Foundational Zion Standards Training Modules

Thank you for interest in supporting Raising the Bar and supporting Latter-day Saint families who are striving to live higher standards! We are grateful for your help and excited to work with you more. The modules below have been designed with resources that will equip families of Raising the Bar with a foundation in the […]

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Honoring the 175th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Joseph & Hyrum Smith
Honoring the 175th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Joseph & Hyrum Smith

June 27th, 2019 marks the 175th anniversary of the martyrdom of the two prophets and presidents Joseph & Hyrum Smith. “Every Church member ought to think about what those two prophets were willing to do to restore the gospel and the Church of Jesus Christ.” (President M. Russell Ballard) Never in the history of the […]

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Seven presentations during Book of Mormon Evidence Conference!

James and Hannah Stoddard of the Joseph Smith Foundation delivered four presentations at the 23rd International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference on April 11-13th. The rooms were filled to overflowing, requiring them to offer three repeat presentations to packed rooms again during the lunch and dinner breaks. The Joseph Smith Foundation released a new book, […]

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David Whitmer: Man of Contradictions – An Analysis of Statements by David Whitmer on Translation of the Book of Mormon

L.H. Pearson, Ph.D. Introduction After four years from the first meeting with Moroni on the Hill Cumorah, on 22 September 1827, Moroni gave Joseph Smith the sacred record written upon metal plates along with the Urim and Thummim and the breastplate.  Joseph and Emma were married on January 18, 1827 and because of mounting persecution, […]

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Baby Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith Christmas Tradition

Contributor: Hannah Stoddard Our family was given the most BEAUTIFUL gift this Christmas from a neighbor in our ward. We don’t know this couple very well, but they knocked unexpectedly at our door and said that they were touched by my father’s testimony on Joseph Smith a little while ago. Since Joseph Smith’s birthday is […]

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The Prophet Joseph: More Than We Know (DVD)
The Prophet Joseph More Than W Know

Ground-breaking research on latter-day prophecy! Is the Prophet Joseph the Angel in Revelation 14, the designator of Zion inheritances, the Messenger in Malachi, the Servant in Isaiah, the passport to Celestial glory, the Voice crying in the wilderness? Discover the Prophet Joseph Smith in a way you have never imagined! For the first time, the […]

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Unlocking the Mystery of the Two Prophets: Revelation 11 Part 1 (DVD)

Documents Referenced in Documentary Proclamation to the Saints Scattered Abroad (Published 15 January 1841) Doctrine and Covenants Section 124 (Revelation received January 19, 1841 calling Hyrum Smith as “a prophet, and a seer, and a revelator unto my church”. Statements Referenced in Documentary Joseph Smith “Would to God, brethren, I could tell you who I am! Would to […]

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Urim & Thummim or the Seer Stone & Hat?

During the 22nd International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference, the Joseph Smith Foundation released new research regarding the origins of the seer stone narrative and the Prophet Joseph Smith’s method of translation for the Book of Mormon. Friday’s presentation, “Urim & Thummim or the Seer Stone & Hat?” debunked a popular source for progressive historians […]

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Listen to a podcast by the Joseph Smith Foundation!

June 2018, Answering the “CES Letter”: Polygamy & the Book of Mormon Translation (Hannah Stoddard, Radio) Are you or someone you know experiencing a faith crisis? Are you struggling with LDS Church History? On June 22, 2018, Hannah Stoddard joined Greg Jarrard on Latter-day Radio to discuss the CES Letter, Joseph Smith’s polygamy, the translation […]

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Educational Resources!

Ages The “History of the Age of the Earth: With Emphasis on the Patriarchs, Prophets, and the House of Israel” chart includes extensively documented pedigrees, timelines with key figures and nobility through the dark ages and up through the founding of our nation and the Restoration of the Gospel. Even significant astronomical events are noted. […]

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About the “For Our Day” movies

Article: Is the Book of Mormon the answer for apathy among the youth? (LDS ANSWERS) In comparing the Book of Mormon with our day, there are many interesting parallels. In each: DESTRUCTION: The more righteous gather in and the wicked are destroyed to prepare the way for the Coming of the Son of God. COMING OF […]

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