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Lucinda Pendleton Morgan Harris was a plural wife of the Prophet Joseph Smith, being sealed to him in 1846 after his death in 1844.

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Born: September 27, 1801

Died: Memphis, Tennessee, 1856

Sealed (Joseph Smith): January 22, 1846 (ceremony repeated in the Salt Lake Temple in 1899)

Married (William Morgan): 1819

Married (George Washington Harris): 1830

Full Name: Lucinda Pendleton Morgan Harris Smith

Nauvoo Temple Sealing

“No 64 Jan 22’46 Lucinda Pendleton [born] Sept. 27, 1801 {Kinghurstworks}, Washington Co. Vermont, was Sealed to Jos. Smith (deceased born Dec. 23d 1805 Sharron Windsor Co Vert.) for time & all Eternity. George Washington Harris acting proxy for (Pres. J. Smith Jun. deceased) G.W. Harris & Lucinda Smith were then Sealed Husband & wife for time By Pres B. Young. In presence of Orson Pratt & {F.D.} Richards & A Lyman at 28 min past 6 a.m. _______ J.D. Lee clerk. 1

  1. “A Book of Proxey.” Nauvoo temple proxy sealings, Jan. 7 to Feb. 5, 1846. Marriott Library

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