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In 1941, after Hitler’s Nazi Regime had seized unbelievable control over the German people, Helmuth Hubener & two friends from his LDS (Mormon) Branch former a resistance group. The three of them printed & distributed flyers though Hamburg that denounced Hitler and his propaganda machine. This is their story.

4 thoughts to “Helmuth Hubener Story

  • Debra Fowler

    This was a Incredible, Heartfelt, Amazing Story and Young Man. His letter especially touched me…His Testimony of Our Heavenly Father and his Faith and Courage and Convictions. I will always remember this story. My Birthday is also the same as his Mother’s…Oct. 28th. I’m left speechless, and in Ahhh.

  • Defenders

    This is a very good video that I could not stop thinking about it once its over. It is about a boy who saw the atrocities that Hitler and the Gestapo were doing. They were above the law and no one could stop them. Helmuth Hübener was a sixteen year old boy who saw through all the lies his government was telling him and his countrymen. He was a very good writer and tried to spread the truth he heard from foreign radio stations by printing leaflets and leaving them places. He was caught and sentenced to death for breaking the foreign radio law and printing false things that was helping the enemy. All he did was say the truth that Hitler was hiding from him. Hitler was saying that they were winning the war and had just won a battle at Stalingrad. The truth is that they lost and forced to retreat through Russia. So many people stood idly by and did nothing. The fact that a sixteen year old tried to stop it is astounding. This is a true story that restored my faith in humanity. We take so many things for granted. He didn’t have the freedom we have now. I highly recommend this movie for those who want to see that there were people who did not agree with the Nazis and tried to do something about it.

  • orrin smith

    Wow what a great story!!! Really makes you think what am I doing to make a difference? he was only 16 years old and made a difference. What an example. Its a must watch and discuss with your family movie.

  • Natalie Smith

    I admire Helmuth Hubener who was 17 years old for standing up for truth against the Nazi’s when very few others would stand for what is right. He even stands up in his religion when others are cowardly. He was executed at a young age because of what he believed in.


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