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George Q. Cannon

“Heber Chase Kimball was one of the greatest men of this age.” He continued: “No man, perhaps, Joseph Smith excepted, who has belonged to the Church in this generation, ever possessed the gift of prophecy to a greater degree than he.” 1

Brigham Young

“Heber was a man of as much integrity, I presume, as any man who ever lived on the earth–a man of faith–a man of benevolence–a man of truth.” 2

Heber C. Kimball

“If evil spirits could come to me, cannot ministering spirits and angels also come from God? Of course they can, and there are thousands of them, and I wish you to understand this, and that they can rush as an army going to battle, for the evil spirits came upon me and brother Hyde in that way. There is one circumstance in the visit of those evil spirits, that I would not tell if brother Hyde had not often told it himself; they spoke and said to brother Hyde, ‘We have nothing against you,’ no, but I was the lad that they were after. I mention this to show that the devil is an enemy to me, he is also an enemy to brother Brigham, to brother Jedediah, to the Twelve, and to every righteous man.” 3

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