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Rachel Donelson Jackson

Associated Locations: Halifax County, Virginia Associated Dates: June 15, 1767 – Born Rachel Donelson Jackson is one of the eminent spirits

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Joseph Fielding Smith

Associated Locations: Salt Lake City, Utah Associated Dates: July 19, 1876 – Born January 23, 1970 – Became 10th President of

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Thomas Mayhew

Thomas Mayhew Born March 31, 1593 Tisbury, Wiltshire, England Died March 25, 1682 Boston, Massachusetts Spouse Anna Parkhurst, Jane Gallion

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Stephen Hopkins

Associated Locations: Providence, Rhode Island Associated Dates: March 7, 1707 – Born Christ-like Character Sketch Character Sketch from Lives of the

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Hiram Powers

Associated Locations: Woodstock, Vermont Associated Dates: June 29, 1805 – Born Hiram Powers is one of the eminent spirits who appeared

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George Peabody

Associated Locations: Peabody, Massachusetts, U.S. Associated Dates: February 18, 1795 – Born George Peabody is one of the eminent spirits who

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