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Nicholas Burton

Providential Role in History Taken from the book Foxes Book of Martyrs. He then well perceiving that they were not

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Elbridge Gerry

Associated Locations: Marblehead, Massachusetts Associated Dates: July 17, 1744 – Born Christ-like Character Sketch Character Sketch from Lives of the Signers

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Roger Sherman

Associated Locations: Newton, Massachusetts Associated Dates: April 19, 1721 – Born Life Sketch from “Lives of the Signers” Character Sketch from

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William Paca

Associated Locations: Hartford County, Maryland – Birthplace Associated Dates: October 31, 1740 – Born William Paca (October 31, 1740 – October 23,

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Rachel Donelson Jackson

Associated Locations: Halifax County, Virginia Associated Dates: June 15, 1767 – Born Rachel Donelson Jackson is one of the eminent spirits

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