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Raising the Bar
Guardians of an Altar

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Author Bio

Middle Eastern Linguistics Scholar, Institute Director/ CES Instructor

Bruce H. Porter earned degrees in Ancient Near Eastern Studies with an emphasis in Semitic languages, scripture, the History of Religion and Anthropology.

Bruce conducted extensive research for the Religious Studies Center, on the Pearl of Great Price and the Book of Abraham. He has done research in the major museums and libraries of Europe, and the United States. He has also presented and co-authored a number of papers for related professional journals and books.

Bruce co-authored the book which outlines the scriptural basis for the Heartland Model Research, ‘Prophecies and Promises,’ with Rod Meldrum. Brother Porter contends in his recently released book ‘An Everlasting Decree; Ensuring a Title to Liberty for The Promised Land’ that: The Book of Mormon contains the fulness of the gospel, is a record of a fallen people, and also reviews the ‘deed restriction’ that continue to exist upon the Promised Land; a very important message to all those who have and will inhabit the land of Lehi in the Latter-days.

He has worked for the CES (Church Education System) and now semi-retired he teaches adult religion classes for BYU Continuing Education, as continues his passion of scriptural research. He and his wife Margie, are the parents of 10 children.

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2 thoughts to “Porter, Bruce H.

  • Tom McKnight

    Brother Porter, I have enjoyed your videos on the Egyptian temples and the ritual embrace. Question: In reading the Pearl of Great Price Hypocephalus, Figure 1, has anyone given us any direction on what the “X” might mean beneath the torso of Amun? I have read Nibley and Rhodes ONE ETERNAL ROUND and didn’t see anything on this in there. Thanks for any insight you may have on this.

  • L. Scott O'Neal

    Thank you for the picture slide of a red-headed, freckled face boy in your video “Cain, Able and the Priesthood”. That is an important image.


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