Neil J Flinders – BYU Education Week Presentation Titles 2016

[As Printed in the BYU Education Week Program for August 15-19, 2016]

Education Creates or Destroys all Social Orders:
Between Individuals, Within Families, Cultures, & Nations


The Revealed Role for both Education & Schooling: Joseph Smith’s and Elijah’s Foundational Missions (Download PDF)


How and When American Education Changed: Rise of the Secular Society & Meeting its Challenges (Download PDF)


Education, Religious Freedom, and Institutional Liberty: Apostolic Counsel Regarding the Current Legal Crises (Download PDF)


A Millennial Movement: Education in the 21st Century: Agency-based Education—Key to Protecting Families (Download PDF)

Author, Emeritus BYU/CES Educator

Neil J Flinders is the author of several books, numerous articles, and other writings related to education, leadership, religion, philosophy and human relations. His doctors, masters, and bachelor degrees were earned at Brigham Young University where he was faculty member in the School of Education for nineteen years. Previously, he spent nineteen years as a Seminary and Institute of Religion teacher, and Director of Research for the CES in the Commissioners Office. He has served in the LDS Church as a missionary, Quorum President, Bishop, Stake President, member of the Sunday School General Board and Temple Ordinance worker. He and his wife, Joan, are parents of seven children, 37 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.

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