Month: August 2014

Utah War

Utah War — 1856-1858 Political Changes Chief Justice Lazarus H. Reed, after a short stay in Utah, resigned because of

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Heber J. Grant

Administration of President Grant — 1918-1945 President Heber J. Grant By virtue of his position as president of the council of apostles,

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Bible Rout To North Korea Joseph Smith Foundation

Bible Route to North Korea

Rare, exclusive video of North Korean underground believers worshiping and giving thanks to God. Important information about balloon launching, radio

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Joseph F. Smith

Administration of President Smith — 1901-1918 The Presidency Re-organized At the regular weekly meeting of the apostles, held in the

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Lorenzo Snow

Administration of President Snow — 1898-1901 The Presidency Re-organized Eleven days after the death of President Wilford Woodruff, the apostles

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