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  • Suella Meldrom

    Brother May, just discovered your work on you tube!!! It is amazing.!! There are two problems for me. 1. On attending the Hill Cumorah Pageant I looked around the field and thought “something is wrong” one million or more people could not have had a battle on this plain. On looking at the hill Ramah in Mexico I thought, this had got to be more like it. I could see a great battle there and a place where a thousand years of history on metal plates could be hidden in Ramah. 2. I lived in the Pacific a couple of years and had an opportunity to visit Palau and go out to the ruins of Nanmadol. I was shocked to see a temple compound and walls identical to those in Cousco and Macho Picho. In the story of Hagoath and his people launching out in their boats I believe 3 times and never returning after the last trip, I was sure when I looked at Nanmadol that this was the migration of those people from the west coast of the Americas out into the Pacific. How could this have been done from the Gulf Coast area??? That just does not jive. Please reply to these questions as best you can. Maybe a group of Lamanites did launch out into the Pacific with Hagoath???

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