Josiah and the Book of the Law

Associated Locations:

  • Judea, Israel

Associated Dates:

  • 641/640 BC – Josiah begins his rule of Judah

Josiah and the Book of the Law: King Josiah motivates the people to change from their wicked ways by reading the words of the Lord in the Book of the Law. Judah mourns his death, as he was one of the greatest and most righteous kings. (12:25)

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  • Lloyd Ward

    The story of Josiah reminds me of the wickedness and idolatry that are so rampant in our day. Although the scriptures have not been lost, in many ways they are hidden by our neglect within our personal lives and families. Publicly the scriptures have been lost in that we have allowed the misinterpretation of the idea of “separation of church and state” to replace scripture learning with the idolatrous secular humanist beliefs of Darwin, Marx, Keynes, Freud, etc. It is time for the WORD OF GOD to become as important publicly and privately as it was to Josiah.

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