Hidden Bloodlines: The Grail & the Lost Tribes in the Lands of the North

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The legendary search for the Holy Grail has resonated with millions for centuries! What is the Holy Grail, and why is this legendary symbol important to the lives of Joseph Smith and the Son of God? Was Jesus Christ married and did He have children? Discover your own heritage in a way you may have never imagined!

Was Jesus Christ married and did He have children?

How does tradition support the statements of the early Brethren?

Did Israelite tribes leave marks on the emblems of the nations, cities and dynastic families of northern Europe and across the world?

Did the prophet Jeremiah travel to Ireland and there establish the House of Judah and infuse a reformation among the people?

Is Joseph Smith the key to understanding the mystery of the Grail?

What do the scriptures teach concerning the location of the lost tribes of Israel today?

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