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“I’m a Latter-day Nephite” Resolution


8.5″ x 11″ poster, printed on thick card stock.

Introducing the “I am a Latter-day Nephite” resolution! To prepare for the upcoming 2024 Come Follow Me study of the Book of Mormon, and help inspire a deeper love and practical application of the Nephite covenant, frame this commitment in your room as you “turn your heart” to your fathers.
According to 1 Nephi 14:2, we are all a part of the Lehite covenant and lineage—literally or adopted—if we humbly accept! This resolution cites language from the Book of Mormon and modern prophets to awaken Latter-day Nephites to the covenants they have made. Give this to your children and grandchildren to remind them of their sacred identity and mission!


I, ___________________, do solemnly resolve before God, as a remnant of the seed of Jacob, and a Latter-day Nephite, numbered amongst the Lehite covenant (1 Nephi 14:2), to STAND FORTH in the strength of the Lord and COVENANT to maintain our rights and our religion.

As a Latter-day Nephite,

I WILL humbly repent and turn my heart to my Nephite, Israelite, and Patriarchal forefathers.

I WILL cherish and rely on the revelations of God in scripture and the inspired words of Latter-day prophets.

I WILL preserve our liberty, rights, and freedom as a remnant of Joseph—gathering Israel and preserving a refuge for the persecuted.

I WILL bear testimony of and defend the pure foundation of the Restoration, covenanting not to forsake the Lord my God.

I WILL defend marriage, the family, and sacred Priesthood covenants as ordained by God

I WILL rebuild a culture of beauty and refinement—never compromising my standards

I WILL lose my life and willingly sacrifice in laboring “for the welfare and safety” of my people

I WILL maintain the everlasting covenant on the promised land.


In Memory of our God, our Religion, and Freedom, and our Peace, our Wives, and our Children.


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