For Our Day: Covenant on the Land (DVD)


The For Our Day documentary series explores the prophetic parallels in the Book of Mormon referencing statements from latter-day prophets of God and the Standard Works.

For Our Day: Covenant on the Land discusses the covenant on the Promised Land for both ancient and modern inhabitants.


Part I: A New Approach (41 min)
Reviews 20 direct parallels between Book of Mormon events and latter-day history.

Part II: Promise (52 min)
Details the leading of Israel to the Promised Land in both the Book of Mormon and latter-day history.

Is latter-day history laid out and foreshadowed in the Book of Mormon? What if we were to take the most fundamental and key prophetic events of the last days and organize them chronologically, and then lay out the Book of Mormon history on top of it? How does this help us better understand the signs of the times in the last days? What can this tell us of the challenges that lie ahead, and more importantly, the answers to those challenges?


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