Joseph Smith’s Plural Wives, Volume 1

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One of the most controversial facets of Latter-day Saint history is Joseph Smith’s practice of plural marriage. However, behind the controversy, lies the untold history and inspiring stories of real women with their personal experiences, successes, failures, trials, and legacies. Latter-day Saint women looking for exemplary heroines will be inspired to discover female role models of strength, intelligence, compassion, courage, determination, talent, leadership, and accomplishment.

If you know someone who is struggling with the historic practice of plural marriage, this book will provide the reader with an honest and faith-filled account of the history, from the perspective of the women—the forgotten mothers of the Restoration.

Volume 1 details the life and perspective of Helen Mar Kimball (the controversial “14-year-old”), as well as her mother and mother-in-law’s experience with plural marriage.


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