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Raising the Bar
Guardians of an Altar

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Last night’s Sanpete Raising the Bar event on music was wonderful!

We first heard from a new small youth choir called Bella Voce from Cedar City. They brought a message to us straight from the prophets, using their own prophetic words.

Next, there was a Q&A with the youth and we heard their testimonies and experiences and how their life has changed for the better by having gone off rock, country, pop, and jazz music for a few years now.

Last, we had a fun family dance taught and led by one of our 16 yr olds.

In conclusion the audience was given a music challenge. To avoid any music with a back beat, or double beat, to only listen to appropriate hymns , primary songs, and classical music for 2 weeks. This challenge helps one to become more sensitive to the spirit and they will be ready to learn more about music in our part 2 RTB music discussion next month.

It was indeed a great evening! If you want to learn more about what was taught here is a great article to begin with…/music-the-forgotten-la…/

Family Dancing
Musical Presentation
Q&A from a few young adults who have changed their music

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