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Join us on October 31st for an evening when we will gather together to turn on the lights for Shekinah or Reformation Night. Join us for a potluck, sing-along, and much more!

The word “Shekinah” comes from the Hebrew word meaning “God’s manifested glory” or “God’s presence.”Hebraic literature records that “Whenever ten are gathered for prayer, there the Shekhinah rests” and “the Shekhinah rests on man neither through the gloom, nor through sloth, nor through frivolity, nor through levity, nor through talk, nor through idle chatter, but only through a matter of joy in connection with a mitzvah.”

This day is also the time the light of the gospel broke forth out of the darkness, with the Reformation. So while millions around the world commemorate fear, death, and evil, join with others in making your home a sanctuary, a palace of peace. Families and individuals across the world can bring light and life, peace, and joy during the darkest period of the year by lighting their home and celebrating light and holiness in the way that works for you.

You can:

-Turn every light on in your home
-Decorate the home and front yard with white lights and decor
-Display a “Holiness to the Lord” placard on your front porch (Exodus 28:36, Isaiah 23:18, Zechariah 14:20-21)
-Dress in white
-Play peaceful, joyful music
-Eat white foods with white table settings, tablecloth, and centerpiece
-Bring order from chaos, clean your home
Light up your home and make October 31 a night of holiness by choosing the most uplifting activities that you enjoy doing with family and friends or even individually. Celebrate with people across the world!

Time 5:30pm

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