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Raising the Bar
Guardians of an Altar

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Families joined for a fun day as we learned the importance and need to heal our lands. We also learned about a new type of gardening and saw it in action as we toured an 11-acre perennial garden. We learned about different types of plants that are native to Utah and the need to grow them in our yards for healing.

We learned about permaculture gardening which is all about recreating the environment in which plants already thrive in nature. Plants grow as God intended them to grow, by using the resources that they should have as provided by Him; ground covering to protect the soil quality and water from rain. That’s all they need.

10:00 Discussion
11:00 Spring City Farm Tour
12:00 Farm service project for all men (bring a truck wheelbarrows). Women and children and youth will go back to the park during this time.
1:30 Lunch in the park

Hour tour of the 11 acre farm
Service project- spreading woodchips
Lunch in the park
Planting rasberries

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