Evolution Vs. God



If you are interested in what the LDS Church believes regarding evolution, see the Science FAQs.  http://www.josephsmithforum.org/research/faqs/science/

Hear expert testimony from leading evolutionary scientists from some of the world’s top universities:

• Peter Nonacs, Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UCLA
• Craig Stanford, Professor, Biological Sciences and Anthropology, USC
• PZ Myers, Associate Professor, Biology, University of Minnesota Morris
• Gail E. Kennedy, Associate Professor, Anthropology, UCLA

A study of the evidence of vestigial organs, natural selection, the fifth digit, the relevance of the stickleback, Darwin’s finches and Lenski’s bacteria—all under the microscope of the Scientific Method–observable evidence from the minds of experts. Prepare to have your faith shaken.

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  • Maria Jenson

    This was an excellent film! My teenage sons saw the trailer for it and then persuaded our family to watch it together. They all were very interested through the whole movie! It is presented well and catches the interest of young people.

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