Episode 8: A Warrior Named Kahalani (Against All Odds – Israel Survives)

against_all_odds_a_warrior_named_kahalaniThere are few living war legends in Israel as known or more beloved as AVIGDOR KAHALANI. Michael visits Kahalani who shares his remarkable stories of escape froma burning tank in the Sinai campaign of 1967, and a faceoff wth Syrian tanks in 1973, against all odd. Kahalani’s own son, DOTAN, plays the role of his famous father in the re-enactment of these two legendary war stories. Veterans of both wars were emotionally moved by the similarity between father and son as they witnessed the filming of this episode. American television journalist BILL McKAY discloses a secret exchange between GOLDA MEIR Meir and then U.S. President RICHARD NIXON that turned the tide in Israel’s favor at a moment when almost every leader in Israel was predicting annihilation for Israel. The episode climaxes with a moving visit by Michael to the Memorial Wall of Remembrance at the Armored Corps Museum at Latrun.

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