Episode 4: The Miracle of Survival (Against All Odds – Israel Survives)

Against All Odds: The Miracle of Survival (Episode 4)

against_all_odds_the_miracle_of_survivalNo examination of modern Israel can be appreciated without a look at the tragedy of the Holocaust that erased one third of the world’s Jews in one devastating season of hate at the hand of Adolf Hitler. In this powerful episode, Michael is joined by Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, who endured Aushwitz concentration camp and became a champion for human rights around the world. The episode features archive images of the war and the events that shaped a determination by the Jews of Europe to seek a homeland where they could be free. The program examines how world opinion was swayed to support the Zionist cause after the war and examines the courage of those who gave their lives to lay the foundation for the rebirth of Israel that they would never see themselves.

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