Episode 2: Miracle at Michmash (Against All Odds – Israel Survives)

against_all_odds_miracle_at_michmashMichael travels to Michmash to investigate two stories that history records happened there 2,000 years apart. The episode dramatizes the story of British major Vivian Gilbert, whose brigade was sent by Allenby to rout out the Turkish garrison at Michmash, in preparation for the assault on Jericho during World War I. But the night before the battle, Gilbert read the Biblical account of Saul and Jonathan, who in 1050 BC. were camped in the same place as the British were now – and faced a garrison of 30,000 Philistines at Michmash. Gilbert is inspired to follow Jonathan’s unorthodox battle plan and experiences a similar, some would say ‘miraculous’, victory against all logic for its success.


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