Apathy in the Church

Apathy Cycle

This presentation describes a cycle of apathy and indifference toward purposeful things among some of the youth in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The purpose of this presentation is to assist the parents and leaders of youth in breaking this cycle of apathy and helping the youth become converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Additional material:
Apathy Presentation Quotes: http://josephsmithacademy.org/sources/apathy_presentation_quotes.pdf
Cycle Diagram (PPT): http://josephsmithacademy.org/sources/cycle_diagram.ppt

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  • Natalie Larsen

    I was very interested in your video clip of President Hinckley because I couldn’t believe the prophet would stand as a representative of the church at BYU and say there were no great leaders in the world like you make it seem. So I listened to the whole address. Where you make it appear he is speaking for himself, he is actually quoting someone else at least in part. You have cut and spliced that clip to create something you wanted. You should have used President Hinckley’s complete thought. It isn’t too long and your point could be made with integrity. If you want to have influence you have to have integrity. Be very careful not to miss represent soneone, especially the prophet. By the way, his talk was excellent! Thanks for pointing me to it.

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