American Heritage School (AHS)

Knowledge In the Light of the Restored Gospel

American Heritage School exists to provide a rigorous private education with a Christian foundation. Academic excellence, responsible citizenship, and character development have been highly stressed from the School’s inception. We seek to assist parents to teach their children all knowledge in light of the restored gospel and follow the admonition of Brigham Young to Karl Maeser when he started Brigham Young Academy, “remember that you ought not to teach even the alphabet or the multiplication tables without the Spirit of God.”

Christ at the Foundation

All curriculum that we use seek to lay Christ and truths of the restored gospel at its foundation. We strive to strengthen faith by teaching students to look for God’s hand in all subjects- art, music, health, science. We teach English by reading sources that teach moral truths, and history as His Story (or Christ’s story) of preparing the earth for the restoration of the gospel and the Second Coming.

Discern Between Truth and Error

Additionally, American Heritage uses curriculum that expects academic excellence and prepares our students for a successful college experience. We do this through use of methodology that teaches scholars not just to memorize and regurgitate information but to read and understand difficult literature, reason and discern between truth and error, apply truths learned to their own lives and write persuasively and coherently.

Finally, we use curriculum that teaches children to see God’s hand in the founding of America and the writing of our constitution. We want our students to understand that America is a chosen land, established and preserved by the hand of God.

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