1. 03) FRANKLIN MORAL: Was Benjamin Franklin a womanizer in France and America? Did he father as many as thirteen illegitimate children? - 68,710 views
  2. 23) PRE-ADAMITES: Were there “pre-Adamites” or pre-human beings prior to Adam being placed upon the earth? Was Adam a cave-man? Are the world’s teachings about how language and civilization progressed accurate? - 53,194 views
  3. 31) HANG BY A THREAD: What have latter-day prophets taught concerning the prophecy of Joseph Smith that the United States Constitution would hang by a thread and be saved, if saved at all, through the efforts of the Elders of Israel? - 35,294 views
  4. 13) 3 BYU PROFESSORS: Why did President Joseph F. Smith dismiss three professors from Brigham Young University for teaching organic evolution? - 31,931 views
  5. 01) ADOPTION: Are members of the Church literal descendants of Israel or merely adopted? Why is it important to understand that we are literally of the House of Israel? - 23,383 views
  6. 17) SELF-RELIANCE: Should a person or family be supported by others when capable of providing for themselves? What is the danger of accepting a “dole” – something-for-nothing handout? - 19,474 views
  7. 30) PELEG: Was the earth (continents) divided in the days of Peleg? What does this mean for the theory of evolution? - 19,230 views
  8. 39) FACT OF EVOLUTION: Is organic evolution, more recently coined macroevolution, an established fact? Has science proven evolution to be true? Are all credible scientists evolutionists? - 17,335 views
  9. 02) JOSEPH SR.: Was Joseph Smith Senior a failure as a father? Was he a poor provider, oft defeated and unmoored? Did he have a problem with alcohol and other vices? - 13,359 views
  10. SAINTS: Will the Saints be preserved from the calamities of the last days? Will there be great wickedness among the membership of the Church in the last days? - 11,874 views
  11. 16) DAVID O. MCKAY: Was President David O. McKay a supporter of the theories of evolution? - 11,827 views
  12. 36) OPPOSING WORLD VIEWS: How does a providential world view differ from an evolutionary world view? Which view should be taken by Latter-day Saints? - 11,056 views
  13. 01) ACCOUNTABLE: Does what a person believes about organic evolution influence the way he/she lives? Will those who promote the theories of organic evolution stand accountable before God? - 10,820 views
  14. 13) SANCTIFICATION: Can the Spirit burn impurities from our nature as by fire? What is the role of the Holy Ghost in the process of sanctification? - 10,115 views
  15. 35) ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MORMONISM: Is the Encyclopedia of Mormonism article on evolution authoritative? - 9,120 views
  16. 27) CHARLES DARWIN: What have LDS Church leaders taught about Charles Darwin, Darwin’s influence and his life? Who inspired the theories of organic evolution? Has Darwinism been an influence in moving us into a “post-Christian” era? - 8,981 views
  17. 26) TAXES: Are high taxes a form of bondage? Are they a sign of wickedness? - 8,850 views
  18. MISSIONARIES: Will the missionaries be called home prior to calamities in the last days? Will missionaries reach every nation, kindred, tongue and people before the great calamities begin? - 8,370 views
  19. 11) UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: Is “unconditional love” a scriptural doctrine? Where did the concept of “unconditional love” come from? - 7,934 views
  20. 08) IMMORALITY: Does some rock music imitate sexual immorality? Can music lead to immoral behavior? - 7,731 views
  21. 01) PLURAL MARRIAGE: Was plural marriage revealed by the Lord? Was Joseph Smith ensnared by many convoluted activities and expediencies because of his involvement in plural marriage? Was the Prophet involved in adulterous practices or live a dual life? - 7,646 views
  22. 20) HARMONIZE: Should the Gospel and evolution be harmonized? Are the conflicts between evolution and statements made by the Prophets caused by terminology misuse? - 7,563 views
  23. 25) ADAM FATHER: Is the scriptural teaching that Adam is the father of the entire human family problematic for evolutionary teachings? - 7,292 views
  24. 19) SECRET COMBINATIONS: What are secret combinations? What are the objects sought by secret combinations (power, plunder, prestige)? Are there secret combinations today? - 7,234 views
  25. 14) BYU’S PURPOSE: Was Brigham Young University established to refute the theories of Darwinism? - 7,016 views
  26. 14) PEOPLE: Where are the powers of government derived? Should leaders be servants of the people or should the people be servants of the government? - 7,007 views
  27. 11) ADAM’S FATHER: Who was the father of Adam? Do we have a Royal heritage? - 6,327 views
  28. 03) PRAYER TO FATHER: Do we pray directly to the Father or through Christ to the Father? Why do we pray in the name of Christ? - 5,987 views
  29. 02) BEAT: Can the heavy beat of music be detrimental? What about the rock offbeat? Can the backbeat be dangerous? Can the beat of music be detrimental to both body and Spirit? - 5,936 views
  30. 12) ANCESTRY: Did Joseph Smith have a noble and righteous heritage? Was the Prophets ancestral line prepared and watched over through the ages? - 5,888 views
  31. 10) SCATTERING: Why was Israel scattered? - 5,866 views
  32. 04) RECENT: Have Church authorities made comments on the theory of organic evolution in recent years? Has the Church changed its position? Are we embarrassed by the statements made by early leaders and the scriptures? - 5,852 views
  33. 02) PRE-MORTAL LIFE: Was the blood of Israel more valiant in the pre-mortal life? Who was Israel in the pre-mortal life and what covenants did they make? - 5,672 views
  34. 05) DEATH BEFORE FALL: Was there death on earth prior to the Fall? Has the Church changed its position on this? - 5,641 views
  35. 01) BIRTH-CONTROL: What is the first commandment ever given by the Lord to man? How does the Lord feel about birth control? Should couples postpone having children? - 5,474 views
  36. 19) INTELLIGENT DESIGN: How should Latter-day Saints view Intelligent Design? Is there evidence of God in His creations? - 5,036 views
  37. 03) AFTER KIND: What do the revelations teach concerning animals reproducing after their kind? What has been taught about the law of adaptation and the more recently coined term microevolution? - 4,910 views
  38. 24) DIVINE PROTECTION: When will God protect the righteous? What must we do to enjoy the providential care of deity? - 4,574 views
  39. 36) SEX-ED: Should sex education be taught in government schools? - 4,431 views
  40. 15) TALMAGE – WIDTSOE – ROBERTS: Were James E. Talmage, John A. Widtsoe and B. H. Roberts followers of the theories of Darwin? - 4,376 views
  41. 03) CUMORAH: How many cumorahs are there? - 4,335 views
  42. SICKNESS: What has been said concerning a desolating sickness or plague in the last days? - 4,330 views
  43. 01) TEMPLE: Can Satan enter the temples? - 4,267 views
  44. NUCLEAR: What has been said concerning a nuclear attack on the United States? - 4,264 views
  45. 11) Meat: Should we eat meat? If so, how often and when? - 4,218 views
  46. 02) OFFICIAL POSITION: Does the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have an official position regarding the theory of organic evolution? - 4,180 views
  47. 07) WHEN FALL: When did the Fall occur? Why does this matter when considering the theory of evolution? Why is the genealogy from Adam to Christ important to age of the earth discussions? - 4,134 views
  48. 33) COMMUNISM: What guidance have leaders of the Church given in regard to the threat of Socialism and Communism? - 4,060 views
  49. 02) OVERPOPULATION: Is the earth overpopulated? Is there enough food and resources to support our population? - 4,030 views
  50. 04) What are some of the statements misquoted and wrongly attributed to general authorities of the Church? What are the original sources? - 3,969 views
  51. What have LDS Church leaders taught concerning Christ-centered energy healing? - 3,938 views
  52. 10) 1910 MESSAGE: Was there a 1910 First Presidency Message that taught that man may have evolved? - 3,862 views
  53. 01) AUXILLARY: If music has been approved by a Church auxiliary does that make it OK? Should we compromise on rock music to not offend or drive away some of the youth? - 3,825 views
  54. 23) DOCTRINE ON BEHAVIOR: How does teaching true doctrine and true principles influence behavior? - 3,775 views
  55. 05) COLUMBUS CHARACTER: Was Columbus a selfish murderer seeking gold and fame at the cost of the Native American race? - 3,617 views
  56. 21) FLATTERY: How do wicked leaders gain power through promises and flattering words (propaganda)? - 3,607 views
  57. 29) LITERAL FLOOD: Does LDS doctrine support a literal universal flood? What does this mean for the theory of Darwinian evolution? - 3,508 views
  58. 37) NATURAL LAWS: Is God the Creator and Origin of the natural laws of the Universe? Can Darwinian theory be harmonized with this doctrine? - 3,401 views
  59. 16) ENEMIES: Why did the Prophet Joseph Smith have so many enemies? What was his response to antagonism and criticism? - 3,322 views
  60. 07) LAW OF MOSES: Is the Law of Moses based on strict obedience whereas the Law of Mercy or of Christ is not? Was the Mosaic Law given by Jesus Christ? - 3,299 views
  61. 18) CREATIONISM: How should Latter-day Saints view Creationism? Should Latter-Day Saints understand the Creation account literally? - 3,286 views
  62. 28) YOUNG EARTH: Do the revelations teach a 7,000 year temporal existence of the earth? Can the scriptures and writings of the presidents of the church be harmonized with the scientific principle of Uniformitarianism? - 3,272 views
  63. 00) Introduction: Science vs. Religion? - 3,265 views
  64. 15) CITIZENSHIP: Should leaders be sustained by the voice of the people they govern? What are the fundamental principles of citizenship? What is our responsibility to educate ourselves? - 3,239 views
  65. 03) FAMILY: What is the importance of the family in education? - 3,183 views
  66. 16) TWELVE TRIBES: Who are the twelve tribes of Israel and why? - 3,182 views
  67. 06) PRE-FALL CONDITIONS: Did the Fall introduce reproduction, blood, sin, pain and other mortal conditions? In addition to man, did the Fall affect plants, animals and the earth itself? - 3,131 views
  68. 37) JOHN DEWEY: Who was John Dewey, and what influence did he have on American education? What is the Humanist Manifesto? - 2,907 views
  69. 26) PATRIARCH AGES: Are the long life-spans of the patriarchs true doctrine? What does this mean for the theory of Darwinian evolution? - 2,899 views
  70. 24) RELATIVISM: Where did relativism come from? How do relativists’ teachings correlate with the gospel of Jesus Christ? - 2,867 views
  71. 15) LOCATION: Where was Israel scattered and from whence is Israel gathered? - 2,837 views
  72. 22) JOSEPH FIELDING SMITH: Should President Joseph Fielding Smith’s position on organic evolution be taken seriously? - 2,816 views
  73. 10) LEISURE: What is the difference between leisure and entertainment? - 2,752 views
  74. SELF-SUSTAINING: Will the day come when we need to live off what we produce? Will we need to be self-sustaining? - 2,749 views
  75. 35) CONSTITUTION: What has been revealed regarding the Divine origin and influence of the United States Constitution on our nation and the world? - 2,655 views
  76. 15) CLASSICAL: If you don’t like classical music, can you and should you develop a taste for it? Is all classical music good? - 2,556 views
  77. 01) RESPONSIBILITY/STEWARDSHIP: Who is responsible for the education of children? What should be the role of fathers in the education of their family? - 2,462 views
  78. 03) MAGIC: Did Joseph Smith mix Christianity with Nineteenth Century tradition and magical powers? Did he attempt to employ dark arts to discover hidden treasure? - 2,397 views
  79. 11) FAMILY: Is the family the basic unit of society and should it be sustained by government. Should the community and social experts have responsibility for raising families? - 2,387 views
  80. 23) COMPOSERS: Were and are the greatest composers followers of Jesus Christ? - 2,317 views
  81. 04) CHARACTER: Was Joseph Smith weak in character while gifted in revelation? How did he “influence” people? - 2,298 views
  82. 17) APPLICATION: Can there be true learning without application? Is it better to learn a few things well, than be battered with multitudinous facts? - 2,264 views
  83. 28) SCHOOL PROPHETS: How can the School of the Prophets be a good model for education today? What was the organization of the University of Nauvoo? - 2,236 views
  84. 02) POSSESSION: Can evil spirits literally posses and control our bodies? - 2,232 views
  85. 20) STIR TO ANGER: How do wicked leaders manipulate those they rule? How do leaders gain power by stirring people to anger against good by creating wrongs? How should the righteous combat this (promote love of God, family and country)? - 2,103 views
  86. 01 RESTORATION: What role did the Reformation play in preparing the world for the Restoration of the Gospel? - 2,092 views
  87. 19) GOSPEL LIGHT: What does it mean to teach subjects in the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ? - 2,071 views
  88. 01) CHURCH/GOVERNMENT WELFARE: What is the difference between the Church welfare system and the government welfare system? Should government be involved in welfare? - 2,050 views
  89. 32) AGENCY: Is freedom an essential element of God’s plan? Does our ability to have freedom and agency with our time, talents and money, matter to God? - 2,048 views
  90. 03) AMMORAL: Is it only the words that can make music bad? Is music amoral? Can music alone, independent of its lyrics be both good and bad? What influence does music have upon culture and society? Is there “perfect” music? - 2,020 views
  91. 09) TEMPER: Did the Prophet Joseph Smith have an uncontrolled temper? Was he at times vengeful? - 2,016 views
  92. 02) GOVERNMENT: What should be the role of federal, state and local governments in education? - 1,985 views
  93. 07) EPHRAIM: What is the duty of Ephraim? What role does Ephraim play in the latter-days? - 1,978 views
  94. 06) DANCE MOVEMENTS: Can dance movements drive away the Spirit? What is proper dancing posture? Can dances be good or evil? - 1,971 views
  95. 01) TEAM WITH CHRIST: Can Jesus Christ share His perfection with us to satisfy the demands of Justice? Are innocence and worthiness required as a team with Christ rather than individually? - 1,962 views
  96. 13) CALLING: What is the most important calling in the Church? - 1,924 views
  97. 02) WELFARE PROGRAM: Why was the Church welfare program started? - 1,920 views
  98. 02) WASHINGTON AND FAIRFAX: Did George Washington send a letter to Sally Fairfax which some historians claim indicates he was passionately in love with Sally? - 1,908 views
  99. 06) GENTILES: Who are the Gentiles? What is their relation to the house of Israel? - 1,903 views
  100. 32) TEMPORAL AND SPIRITUAL: Should religion and science be kept separate? Can Prophets receive revelation on scientific subjects? Are the temporal and spiritual two distinct realms? - 1,794 views